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After 15 years of working in commercial photography for various brands and personalities, it was time to accomplish a dream. Deeply impressed by how organization Orange Babies changes lives of children with HIV in Africa, I decided to use my talents for helping children in need. This marked the beginning of ‘We Are Orange Babies’ – 10 Years of photography in Africa supported by my music, film, and poetry.

With “We Are Orange Babies” I hope to create more awareness for children with HIV in Africa and give as many children as possible a fair start in life, by selling books, photos, and performing shows. I deeply hope that my personal journey also inspires you in making the world a better place by using your talents to help those who are in need. Because if I can do it, you can do it! 💪🏾





Caroline Tensen voor Orange Babies - Credit Adrian Kuipers

“Adrian kijkt, ziet, voelt en klikt… en legt daarbij onbeschrijfelijke onvergetelijke ervaringen vast. Als ik naar zijn foto’s kijk, beleef ik het intens opnieuw.”

Caroline Tensen / Ambassadeur Orange Babies

“Adrian is not only a dreamer, but also a doer with his aim of showing us how beautiful the world is. His enthusiasm, positivity and insight are contagious.”

Patricia Steur / Award Winning Photographer

Image credit: Suzanne Muller

Adrian Kuipers

Creative artist in search for a better world

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