We Are Orange Babies PHOTOS

Below you will find the first selection of We Are Orange Babies photos available in editions ranging from 9,- till 3.950,- Euro. For detailed info about the different editions, click here.

What can be done
when you buy a photo?

So much! Healthcare, education and healthy meals for the most vulnerable children in Africa. A healthy meal every day is essential when it comes to the effectiveness of HIV medicines. After 10 years I see the difference before and after Orange Babies. Children now jump around and go to school with a smile on their face. That makes me so happy! But there is still a lot to do, you will help too? ūüėė

Thank you for making the world a better place! ‚úĆ

Supporters of WE ARE Orange Babies

My motto is "Together we can make the world a better place", I would like to thank these companies for their support!
To be able to make this project a huge success the coming 2 years, I am looking for more companies who are willing to be a real We Are Orange Babies supporter.
It has great bennefits! ūüėéūüĎć. ¬†Individuals can support too, of course! Curious? Click here