“Adrian kijkt, ziet, voelt en klikt‚Ķ en legt daarbij onbeschrijfelijke onvergetelijke ervaringen vast. Als ik naar zijn foto‚Äôs kijk, beleef ik het intens opnieuw.”

Caroline Tensen / Ambassadeur Orange Babies

“Adrian is not only a dreamer, but also a doer with the aim of showing us how beautiful the world is. His enthusiasm, positivity and insight are contagious.”

Patricia Steur / Award Winning Photographer

Image credit: Suzanne Muller

The best reason to order the photobook

With your order Orange Babies can help children with education and healthy meals every day!

I hope you order my book because you like my work. But the best reason to order the photobook is because we can help children with education and a healthy meal in Africa. A healthy meal every day is essential when it comes to the effectiveness of HIV medicines. Besides the fact that you get a present after your order, I can not think about a better reason to convince you than this. ūüėė

YOU can help by pre-ordering the book. Thank you!
Ambassador of Orange Babies Herman Den Blijker at work in Africa during our visit at the projects.
By providing a good meal every day, medicine against HIV works best, and these children will have a future again.

Preview of the We Are Orange Babies Photobook


Watch the We Are Orange Babies Trailer

Last winter I went to Namibia and Zambia to record the last parts of the multimedia items for the We Are Orange Babies project. In Zambia we visited an Orange Babies project where I recorded the trailer for the project. It is spoken in Dutch language, but subtitled in English.

After viewing the trailer, don’t forget to pre-order ūüôā

A preview of a multimedia item in the book

You probably already have seen the portrait I made of Ruth & Isaac one year ago.
In the book, every chapter will become poetry and a piece of multimedia. Sometimes it is a small documentary, sometimes a song the children have sung, and sometimes it is a piece of music I composed. I now present you: Ruth & Isaac, the music portrait.

Supporters of WE ARE Orange Babies

My motto is "Together we can make the world a better place", I would like to thank these companies for their support!
To be able to make this project a huge success the coming 2 years, I am looking for more companies who are willing to be a real We Are Orange Babies supporter.
It has great bennefits! ūüėéūüĎć. ¬†Individuals can support too, of course! Curious? Click here