“Together we can make the world a better place”

– Adrian Kuipers –

About Adrian Kuipers

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As a boy Adrian was a talented soccer player. Starting at the age of 6 in his birthtown Strijen in the Netherlands. As soon as he was 10 years old he was chosen to play at Feyenoord Rotterdam. After some club switches, Adrian was scouted by SC Heerenveen at the age of 17, where he played as a semi-professional against legends like Robben and Van Persie.

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Because of an injury, Adrian stopped and started his own creative agency at the age of 20. After 6 years his agency had grown to 10 employees and was working for national and international clients.

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The creative agency was doing very well, but Adrian became more of a manager than a creative. The choice was growing and hiring a manager, or going back as a freelancer.

In 2010 Adrian picked up his camera and decided to travel and experience life beyond borders. Here his dedication for Orange Babies started. He visited projects together with Natasja Froger, Caroline Tensen and Herman den Blijker. During this period his work received recognition. Adrian shot campaigns for GSK, Veronica, Samsung, Edding and Skyradio, for these he shot the Christmas campaigns with Robbie Williams, Marco Borsato and Ilse de Lange.

At the same time one of his works for Orange Babies was auctioned for ‚ā¨21.000 and he raised over more than ‚ā¨125.000 for the charity organization. Adrian also became ambassador of the largest camera store chain in Europe and was asked to be the guest jury of the NRC Photo Competition in the category Portrait. At the end of 2017 he was awarded third prize as International Photographer Of The Year 2017 in the category portrait/children and was awarded multiple prizes for his portrait of Ruth and Isaac.

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in 2018 Adrian Kuipers decided to dedicate his life almost fully in making the world a better place by using his talents. Starting with his We Are Orange Babies project. 

We Are Orange Babies bundles Adrian Kuipers‚Äô powerful portraits which he made at the projects in Africa for almost 10 years. It shows faces and stories of women and children that are helped by the Dutch charity organization. It takes you on a mind-blowing journey into the heart of Africa, but also deep into Adrian‚Äės emotions which he experienced during his visits. Adrian Kuipers is the first photographer that combines photography with his own music, poetry, and film. During exhibitions and in the book the multimedia can be loaded through your own mobile phone or ipad. During shows Adrian will tell stories and read poetry accompanying his portraits in combination with his self-composed music. Prints of his work are on sale in limited editions and also in unlimited mini editions to support Orange babies.

Adrian Kuipers‚Äô work comes right out of his heart, it is personal and his subtle kind of storytelling strikes the mind of the viewer. Heart breaking, hopeful, pure and powerful are the keywords to his work. His unique talent for multimedia brings on a total adventure. Adrian: ‚ÄúBy combining other art forms I can take you deeper into this world and closer to my emotions.‚ÄĚ

In the media

Photo credits: Joanne Schouten, Eric van Vuuren, Michiel de Bruin and Adrian Kuipers