Adrian Kuipers
About Adrian Kuipers

About Adrian Kuipers

Adrian Kuipers (1983), was born in Strijen, a little village near the city of Rotterdam (The Netherlands). Which is coincidently the same birthplace of acknowledged photographer and filmmaker Anton Corbijn.

After a career in soccer and running his mulitimedia company with personnel, Adrian decided in 2010 to pick up the camera and travel, experience life beyond borders. This is where his dedication for charity organization Orange Babies started and visited the projects together with Natasja Froger, Caroline Tensen and Herman den Blijker. This is also the period where his work became recognition and did campaigns for GSK, Veronica, Samsung, Edding and Skyradio, for which he shot the Christmas campaign with Robbie Williams, Marco Borsato and Ilse de Lange. During this time one of his works for Orange Babies was auctioned for 21.000,- Euros and made over more then 120.000,- Euros in total for the charity organization. Adrian became also ambassador of the largest camera store chain of Europe and part of the jury of the NRC Photo Competition in the category Portrait. At the end of 2017 he became third as International Photographer Of The Year 2017 in the category portrait/children and was multiple awarded with his portrait of Ruth and Isaac.
During a succesful commercial photography carreer Adrian decided to dedicate the next chapter of his life fully to his non-commissioned work, with the purpose to make the world a better place. Starting with the I Am Alive project, for a hiv-free world. A multimedia project that takes you on a journey in Africa and shows all the good things that are happening, all the people that are alive because of the effort of specialists and the love of all those people that care. With this project charity organization Orange Babies is supported and will be launched in 2019 including a multimedia book, exhibitions and a show where Adrian will tell stories and poetry to his portraits in combination with his own composed music. Kuipers’ work is from the heart, personal and his subtle kind of storytelling sticks into the viewers mind. Heart breaking, hopeful, pure and powerful are the keywords related to his work. His unique talent for multimedia makes it an unique total adventure. Adrian: “By combining my other art forms I can take you deeper into my work and closer to my emotions.” Buy a portrait for a better world on www.adriankuipers.com | www.instagram.com/adriankuipers | www.facebook.com/adriankuiperscreative

 <- Photo Credit: Eric van Vuuren