Adrian Kuipers

About Adrian Kuipers

Adrian Kuipers (1983), was born in Strijen, a little village near the city of Rotterdam (The Netherlands). Which is coincidently the same birthplace of acknowledged photographer and filmmaker Anton Corbijn.

When Adrian started off as a graphic designer he discovered his passion for creating visual images. Since 2010 he is working as an independent photographer for international brands and agencies. Working with the likes of Robbie Williams, Afrojack and many Dutch celebrities.

It is his work for charity organizations which made him fall in love with the African continent and it’s children. His shoots for Orange Babies, not only represent the total look and feel of the charity organization, made over 100.000 Euros at the annual auctions. With a highlight in 2012, when one of his photo’s, was auctioned for the dazzling amount of 21.000 Euros. Obviously all of the profits went to the projects in Namibia.

Adrian Kuipers’ photography focuses on real emotions from genuine people. Close, personal and with a subtle kind of storytelling that sticks to the viewers’ mind and opens their imagination.

Film making and Music composing is a logical result of his interest for creating and expressing himself in multiple dimensions. Adrian: “I see photography, film making, music composing, painting, and all other forms of art as one. The tools are different, but the goal is the same, creating something from nothing. Expressing emotions.”

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